Jul 9, 2024

5 Essential Things Every Airbnb Host Needs

5 Essential Things Every Airbnb Host Needs

Being an Airbnb host can be a rewarding venture, but it also requires meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to hospitality. To ensure guests have a memorable stay and to boost your success as a host, here are five essential things you need to have:

1. High-Quality Cleaners

Having a great cleaner who knows the perfection guests expect while also checking for broken or missing things is arguably the most important piece of running a successful short term rental. No matter how well you do everything else it won’t matter if your cleaning team isn’t up to par. Also make sure to integrate some part of their pay as an incentive based on if they get a 5 star review or not. This will make them far more dedicated to helping your business. Don’t be afraid to pay a little more to get someone you think is excellent. 

2. Expense Tracking Software

Short Term Rental income is business income and that means you can write off all expenses to do with it. This can range from maintenance on your house to miles driving to the store to get supplies. It is essential you keep track of every expense so you can maximize your tax write offs and our software helps you do exactly that. Once you integrate with your bank account,  you will simply be able to categorize transactions that happen on your card in a few clicks while also setting known vendors like cleaners to auto categorize in the future. 

3. Roku System 

Any of the various Roku devices can transform your ordinary TV into a short term rental specific machine. The guest mode allows users to set a check out time in which all of their streaming services will be logged out at. The device also gives you access to lots of cool free live channels and movies and is a super easy way to dramatically improve your STR. 

4.Smart Lock 

It is incredibly difficult to run a short term rental without a smart lock. You will either have to use a key lock box or hand the keys to the guest yourself. Having a smart lock ensures the guest has the utmost security while also providing an easy check in. Schlage and Yale make some great locks for exactly this purpose and have tons of different options depending on your needs. 

5. Message Templates 

After running a STR for a while you will find many guests have similar questions. You can save yourself hours of time by simply saving your common answers to these and storing them somewhere so they can easily be accessed and sent to guests. Most property management systems have this feature or if you don’t use one just store your answers in your online notes!

By incorporating these five essentials, STR hosts can significantly enhance their guests' experiences, leading to better reviews, increased bookings, and higher profitability. With ZoneSage Expense Tracker, you can manage your finances effectively, leaving you more time to focus on creating an exceptional stay for your guests.

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